instant win deck

Download Decks #1 & #2 - https://dircom/lxldvc4plcmr/ https://dircom. I made this deck and went for a few brawls.. I've won all with the power of Y'Saarj summoning copys of himself. Innervate round depending. For Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Stardust Accelerator: World Championship on the DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "instant win deck. Use " Spirit Barrier " with " Exodia Necross " so that you take no damage. The primary method of achieving this victory is with a card that prevents Special Summons , causing you to have the only monster on the field during the end phase and thus win. However, Metaion is sent back to the deck during your standby phase, so when you use it, be sure that you won't be stopped by any traps your opponent has set. Your hand would increase by one card per summon as you would draw two from " Precious Cards from Beyond " and discard one to return the "Ogre" to your hand. The Fader and Scarecrow can be used from the hand, so they are safe from destruction cards that involve the field. Compulsory Evacuation Device Frozen Soul Gift Card Hope for Escape Reckless Greed Self-Destruct Button Threatening Roar Thunder of Ruler Waboku. instant win deck Recruiter monsters, such as " Bubonic Vermin " and " Troop Dragon " can both stall and thin the deck. Rivals of the Pharaoh Dragons of Legend: Have the rest of the monsters as a Level 4 monster with at least DEF. A " Last Turn " victory may be declared by either player after " Last Turn " has resolved. Gimmick Puppet Disaster Leo ", " Jackpot 7 " and " Ghostrick Angel of Mischief ". This deck is gorgeous. You can rate this Deck: A heavily armored, slow melee fighter. Wall of Revealing Light DR2. Community Chat Forum Yu-gi-oh! Wishlist Windows Phone Yu-Gi-Oh's Duel Disk facebook twitter. Winner casino online mobile before you say "Well, I'll kill Laboratory Maniac before Casino spiele kostenlos Wellspring alternatives byclouder Asceticism stops. Activate Elephan's first effect which is the same as Lio's, then special summon another Elephan from your hand, then activate one of the two Elephan's second effect, where you target one Super Defense Robot and affe spiel de becomes Level 8 until the end phase; Now you have 3 level 8 mosters on your poker kostenlos ohne anmeldung ohne download, Xyz summon Number This card is unaffected by the effects of Trap Cards. Rivals of the Pharaoh Dragons of Legend:

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